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15W-40 Engine Oil

15W-40 oil is commonly used in heavier diesel engines such as trucks, tractors and generators.

10W-60 Engine Oil

10W-60 engine oil is found mostly in older vehicles that require a wide operating temperature range.

10W-50 Engine Oil

10W-50 is an engine oil you will typically find in high-performance cars due to its very wide operating temperature range.

5W-40 Engine Oil

You will typically find 5W-40 oil circulating around diesel engines due to its wide temperature range.

5W-30 Engine Oil

You will commonly find 5W-30 engine oil at work in gasoline/petrol and small turbodiesel engines in colder climates.

5W-20 Engine Oil

You will find 5W-20 typically being used in lower temperate climates in gasoline/petrol engines.

0W-40 Engine Oil

0W-40 oil is typically found in higher performance petrol/gasoline models as well as many diesel engines too.

0W-30 Engine Oil

0W-30 has a wide operating range than 0W-20 for example and is commonly found flowing around gasoline/petrol and smaller diesel engines.

0W-20 Engine Oil

0W-20 is commonly used in petrol/gasoline engines and is usually found in colder climates.

10W-40 Engine Oil

You can find 10W-40 oil in a wide variety of engines that tend to run hot. It is a popular oil used in many diesel engines.