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Toyota RAV4 Engine

The engine in your RAV4 is probably the most complex section in the car and also one of the most expensive to replace. It is built of many different components that you can find replacements for by further refining your search by choosing the appropriate part below.

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RAV4 Engine

The original 1995 Mk1 Toyota RAV4 came with only one choice of engine size, a 2-liter inline 4-cylinder.

In the USA that 2-liter 3S-FE engine was tuned to output 119bhp with a slight increase to 127bhp in the later years of the first generation.

The Japanese version of the RAV4 could be purchased with a much higher tuned version called the 3S-GE that could output 177bhp.

Going into the second generation (in the year 2000) the crossover SUV was offered with a diesel option for the first time and the choice of one of three gasoline engines.

This tradition of expanding the options to customers continued into the third generation during the 2005 model year.

Now, customers had the extensive choice of both turbodiesel and gasoline with a 2GR-FE V6 making an appearance for the first time.

That V6 would prove to be the most powerful engine ever offered in the RAV4 until the hybrid-electric version came onto the market in 2020 – combining both the gasoline engine and the power of the electric motor.

In more recent years the RAV4 is only offered in a small range of gasoline options with a mild and plug-in hybrid system optionally attached.